Saturday, January 31, 2015

Infuusa life.

Eating healthy has been all the hype these days and that's probably how fruit infused water came about. I jumped onto the bandwagon, diligently preparing my fruit infused water every night before hitting the sack. But of course, that was short-lived. I, for one, found it tedious to prepare infused water even though it's pretty much just cutting and dumping fruits into water then leaving it in the fridge overnight. So thankfully I was introduced to Infuusa some time last year!

If you've spoken to Wei (the brains behind Infuusa), he believes that preparing an infusion with fresh fruits is definitely healthier than Infuusa and he urges people to do so. However, if you're feeling lazy or constantly on the go like I am, Infuusa is your saving grace.

I was away on a vacation this month. Whether I was braving the relentless heat hopping from one island to another or travelling from one city to another, Infuusa was one of my travel essentials. It comes pre-packed in sachets which makes it very convenient to carry around and even more convenient to prepare. All I had to do was pop a sachet into my water bottle and give it a few shakes to get a bottle full of goodness within minutes! No more cutting fruits and waiting for hours to make infused water!

The other thing I really love about Infuusa is that it contains just enough sweetness to get rid of that bland taste in your mouth when you're thirsty. And that can only mean one thing -- bye bye sugary sports drinks!

Of all the 3 flavours, the Quad Berry is my favourite! It's ingredients are apples, hibiscus petals, blueberries, blackberry leaves, rosehip shells, flavours, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and Stevia leaves. This combination gives a powerful anti-oxidant punch while you hydrate. The improved version of the Quad Berry now contains 2X more ingredients and Stevia leaves to make it even more deliciously fruity!

Was super excited to try out the new flavour, Summer Peach, since I love peaches. I was really happy that it met my expectations and taste as awesome as your usual peach tea, only way healthier. The Summer Peach contains black tea, black tea extract, flavours and Stevia leaves. It is mildly caffeinated to rev metabolism and burn more calories after a workout.

Infuusa uses all natural ingredients so you won't have to worry about ingesting any weird chemicals. It does not contain any added sugar (Stevia leaves are used instead for a touch of zero-calorie sweetness) and is ultra low in calorie which allows you to drink up guilt-free!

Join me in making the healthier choice for a healthier lifestyle by leading the Infuusa life! Hop on over to Infuusa to check out their third flavour and make your purchases with a $5 off store-wide by clicking on this link!

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"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." -Jim Rohn

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