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London Weight Management.

Last Wednesday, I paid London Weight Management a visit to try out their signature 'Lavender Slimming Treatment'. What better place to go to than a slimming centre that was awarded AsiaOne People's Choice Award Best Weight Loss Provider right? Moreover, I heard the treatment uses 100% natural botanical formulations that are carefully customised for each individual 'cause everyone has different problems. I know that this probably sounds ridiculous and I foresee getting remarks like "You so skinny! What is there to slim?!" Not known to many is the fact that I was once fat slightly on the chubbs side, weighing almost 60kg. Even with my current size, I still battle with belly fats (especially at the lower abdomen) which I believe is also a major concern for most ladies.

London Weight Management has 10 outlets island wide and I chose the one at Jubilee Square since it's the nearest to my crib. The staffs were really welcoming and made sure that I was well taken care of throughout the whole 2.5 hours session. My therapist, Anne, did my body measurements and offered her professional opinion. She mentioned that instead of my belly, my problematic areas are actually my hips and thighs where there's cellulite accumulation. GASP!!! This could potentially make my already wide pelvic bone look even wider, and could get worse with pregnancy (not that I've to worry about that right now).

Aroma Steam Bath (10-15 minutes)

The aroma steam bath felt kind of like a sauna. It helps to open up pores for better product absorption later on, as well as, soften dead skin cells, calm the body and improve blood circulation.

My therapist handed me a cold wet towel to cover my face so that I could breathe properly in the steam room. How thoughtful! Word of caution, make sure that your makeup is waterproof 'cause the steam bath causes smudges.

Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment (30-45 minutes)

The lavender sea salt scrub treatment comes hand-in-hand with the infra-red warm blanket. Apparently, this step is equivalent to a set of 360 sit-ups or a 4km walk. Say whuttt?! It works towards......
  • Reducing water retention in the body
  • Increasing our body's metabolic rate to quicken the process of fat burning
  • Removing dead skin cells to give way to more radiant skin
  • Increasing the body's ability to absorb subsequent products
Depending on the individual's metabolic rate, one can lose up to 2kg of excess water, wastes and fats!

I was given an ampoule which helps remove waste products followed by the sea salt scrub before I was wrapped in the infra-red warm blanket.

All wrapped up like a burrito! It was so cosy that I dozed off a couple of times. It got quite hot inside the blanket towards the end and I  was perspiring a lot.

Prior to rinsing off the remnants of the sea salt, I had to let my body temperature drop back to normal. What better way to spend my time waiting than snap a selfie?

Electric Muscle Stimulation (45 minutes)

Nothing like its scary name, the electrical muscle stimulation treatment just feels like your muscles are being squeezed. It uses trimming ampoules and electro-muscle stimulator that helps the body build lean muscle mass and quickens the body's fat-burning. This step is capable of achieving 8-22cm loss around the body instantly!

This was definitely my favourite part of the entire treatment 'cause I just felt like I was getting a gentle massage, and seems as if the machine was doing all the exercise for my body.

I was served a cup of strawberry-flavoured shake after the whole session while I waited for my body measurement results.

And the moment of truth......

Within 2.5 hours, I lost a total of 300g! You can also see the specific body measurements before and after the treatment. Two thumbs up for slimmer arms, thighs, waist and flatter belly!

I feel that London Weight Management is very professional slimming centre in Singapore and I highly recommend it. They pay attention to every little detail. See the red arrow in the photo? That's the length of my limb at which the measurement is taken. This ensures that measurements are done at the exact same region for every subsequent treatment to accurately show your progress.

Troubled by your body? Give London Weight Management a shot. No pill. No injection. No surgery. No crash diet. No exercise. No side effect. 8-22cm and up to 2kg loss guaranteed in just 1 session! I can vouch for that!

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to slim down, head on over to Sample Store to redeem a FREE treatment session exclusive for first-time female customers here. Alternatively, you may fill in your particulars here to enjoy this promotion or call 6222 1234 to book an appointment. Don't forget to mention my name/blog to them!

"The human body is the best work of art."
- Jess C. Scott

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