Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What to wear for Valentine's Day?

Spent most part my January travelling around the Philippines and I'm glad to be back blogging for LOLA during this month of love!

On Valentine's Day, whether you're having an extravagant three-course meal at a luxurious hotel, hiding out at your favourite cafe, or even cooking up a sumptuous meal in your cosy haven, dress up! There's no harm in putting on something decent and throwing on some makeup for the occasion that's filled with love, love, and more love. If you're absolutely clueless, this blog entry might help.

Being cliche isn't always a bad idea 'cause there's nothing hotter than wearing red with heart-shaped accessories thrown in on Valentine's. If you're not up for a colour as loud as red, that classic little black dress (which is every girl's essential) would do the job too.

Whatever you've picked out or is deciding to pick out, here's a thing or two to keep in mind to ensure that you and your beau have a splendid date.

ALWAYS check out the dress code (if there's any). If you're planning a surprise, inform your date about the dress code. If you know you're having a surprise planned for you, ask if there's a dress code. The last thing you want is to not be granted entry 'cause you're not dressed appropriately. And here's a golden rule by the ingenious Vivienne Westwood-- If in doubt, overdress. I swear by this rule 'cause you can never fault anyone for overdressing.

Comfort is of utmost importance! You want to be enjoying your night out instead of fidgeting uncomfortably in an apparel that doesn't fit you snugly. On top of that, if you're not comfortable wearing something, chances are you won't feel confident in it. Every man loves a woman who exudes confidence. And trust me, what you wear plays a substantial part in boosting your confidence, or conversely, totally demolishing it.

A few years ago, I was invited to a Commissioning Ball. I spent months looking for the perfect dress for the event and fell head over heels when I saw this backless dress. I knew immediately that that was the dress I was going to wear. It was my first backless dress and little did I know that while it had the potential to make me the best dressed lady, it could also potentially backfire and ruin my entire night. I spent hours pinning up the dress 'cause it was too big for me that my bra was showing, ended up being late for the ball, was a total wreck by the time I settled down, kept running to the ladies to fix my dress, and finally decided to put on my blazer to cover up my wardrobe malfunction. I never wore that dress ever again and sold it off at the first opportunity I got. Two important lessons I learnt from this fashion disaster are:

1. Never ever EVER wear something you haven't worn before to a special event. If you choose to do otherwise, at least try on the apparel before hand and make the necessary alterations if needed.

2. If there's one thing you need when heading to any event, it's your outerwear (something I carry with me all the time). Don't bother if it's in an air-conditioned function hall or outdoor under the scorching sun 'cause your outerwear is probably your best shot in getting away with any wardrobe malfunction. You'd rather be sweating in buckets!

I hope this blog post came in handy for those of you who're cracking your brains to pick out the perfect outfit for your special date. May you lovebirds have a lovely Valentine's!

To the singles who have no plans/date, cheer up! I totally understand how Valentine's makes you feel exceptionally lonely especially when you see lovey dovey couples everywhere, emphasizing on that fact that you're single. The day may even open up old wounds, make you miss a particular someone or make you wish you had a other half, but remember that Valentine's is about celebrating love in every form. So seize the opportunity to spend time with the ones who love you unconditionally -- your family.

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" We are all made up of the same skin and bones, what separates us is what we dress over it." -Stefania Yarhi

With love,
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