Monday, October 26, 2015

Crowning glory.

Women go to great lengths to make sure they look good. A woman's beauty regimen, from skin to hair care, is therefore of top priority. Which is why I believe that some of the worst mistakes I've made in my life were haircuts. After a few bad hair makeover, I hardly go to the salon (maybe just once every 2 years) and even when I did, I'd ask for a straight cut. 'Cause of that phobia, I've never done anything different to my naturally super straight hair. Thankfully I bumped into one of my girlfriends, Kaiting, who introduced me to Headlines Hairdressing. She raved about her hairdresser, Elein. But it was the fact that her hair did look really smooth and silky that got me sold.

The hardest part about finding a good hairdresser is finding one who actually understands, understand my struggles of having fine hair that tangles and breaks easily, frustrations that no matter how I tong my hair it still falls back straight within minutes. So it was comforting that Elein listened when I shared about my concerns before recommending the hairstyles and treatments that suits me.

I've always wanted curls to add volume and bounce to my otherwise flat and lifeless hair yet never had the courage to do so till Elein reassured me that it'd be a good change. If you're interested, I had the DYNA argan oil treatment done. I shan't bore you with the facts of argan oil 'cause I'm sure we've all heard the rave about its benefits and how it revives damaged hair. But in a nutshell, the DYNA treatment targets the scalp. For healthier hair, you've got to start from the roots (all pun intended). The best part is that the treatment gives you smoother and shinier hair that lasts for about 6 months! On top of that, it can be paired with curling your hair without the use of any other chemicals other than the one used to lock in your curls at the very end.

From straight hair with dying ends to healthier locks! Glad I took a leap of faith and visited Headlines Hairdressing to get my boring hair fixed! Makes me wonder what took me so long. It's a relieve knowing that my hair is well taken care of by a hairdresser who genuinely cares about the condition of my hair rather than making it look aesthetic by piling on the colours or giving me a funky hairstyle just for the sake of money.

Finding the right hairdresser is priceless 'cause it's the difference between whether you leave the salon loving your hair or whether you feel like you just got ripped off or worse still, the need to hide that ugly cut for awhile. Well, they don't call it the crowning glory of women for nothing!

Don't take my word for it till you visit Headlines Hairdressing and try it out for yourself. Do quote my name for perks!

Headlines Hairdressing
10 Anson Road, #03-32
International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Contact: 6223 3133
Instagram: @headlinesip

Photos by Elein & yours truly
Editing by yours truly

"I think that the most important thing a woman can have -- next to talent, of course -- is her hairdresser." -Joan Crawford

With love,
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Clarabelle Faith

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