Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tirisula Yoga.

I've been wanting to try out yoga for the longest time but never got down to signing up for classes, so I was delighted when Pamela invited me for a 2 days introduction to yoga course at Tirisula Yoga last week.

What sets Tirisula Yoga apart from your regular yoga schools that conduct drop-in lessons is that it also provides yoga teacher training courses with internationally recognised certification from Yoga Alliance USA. If you're looking to pursue yoga as a career, this enables you to teach yoga in Singapore and all over the world!

They pride themselves on the fact that......
Tirisula Yoga is the longest, most consistent and reliable yoga centre in Singapore. We provide well-rounded education for aspiring teachers, self-practitioners and the public about the many benefits of yoga, including treatments for diseases.  
We are completely and unequivocally focused on conducting certification courses as well as providing small high impact classes and the best workshops for the public. We provide all opportunities for graduates to pursue their talents through teaching our small group classes. 
We are a secular institute that appreciates and respects all forms of religion. We emphasize harmony, inner calmness and a serene mind. 

The studio is conveniently located at 80B Arab Street which is walking distance from Bugis MRT station. Not hard to spot at all!

On the first day, I was pleasantly greeted by the cheerful people of Tirisula Yoga and lavished with a bag full of goodies from sponsors -- Belif, Rachel K Cosmetics, Provenance Distribution, The Fitness Grocer, and Infuusa.

Before we went into yoga proper and tried out the various asanas, we had to give those tight muscles a good stretch.

Day 1 was all about flexibility and we had Master Weiling taking us through the 2 hours lesson.

Every thing looks really easy peasy in the photos but wait till you try it for yourself, especially if you've never ever had prior experiences of yoga. And I've realised how much flexibility I've lost since my dancing days.

With every technique for flexibility that we picked up, we inched towards the challenge of the day -- Tiribendit.

Yes, I did the easier alternative of the actual asana since I couldn't reach backwards for my toes for nuts. Was a little disappointed with that 'cause this was one pose that I could do in a breeze back when I was in Chinese dance.

By day 2 I was aching all over, even in places that I never knew I could possibly have muscle aches. Nevertheless, I still pushed through another 2 hours of yoga that focused on balance with Master Paalu (the owner of Tirisulayoga). Master Paalu has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years!

The ultimate challenge of the second day was to do an inversion. Well, I did it often in dance but that was a long time, so I was both thrilled and nervous at the same time.

With a little help from Master Paalu, I managed to do the headstand! It wasn't that tough after all. Then again, there's definitely more room for improvement.

Besides yoga, we had talks too.

Master Paalu and Master Weiling taught us about the biases for blogging and our body type respectively.

Belif gave us a history of how the brand came about and how it stood the test of time. They were really generous to let us try out all their products and gifted us with our own set! Yay to trying out a new range of skincare products!

A really fun and insightful tea infusion workshop with the brain behind Infuusa. I used to prepare my own infusion with fresh fruits but then I got lazy and stopped. Plus I never really knew the benefits of cold brewing other than the fact that water and fruits are healthy. I'll do another in depth post about all these soon. Gotta share the good stuff right? 

Last but not the least, we had Rachel K Cosmetics. If you'd like to win yourself a set of their CC cream, do stay tuned 'cause I'll be holding a giveaway soon!

NAMASTE, Tirisula Yoga for the invite and the great hospitality! I truly enjoyed yoga, knowing my body a lot better, and getting to meet new girlfriends!

People often say that yoga is for the sick, yet I beg to differ. Prevention is better than cure. So start your yoga journey and to a healthy life ahead now! 

If you're clueless on how to go about it, here's a little treat for you! Tirisula Yoga has been really kind to offer a 50% off (U.P. $1800) for their 50 hours yoga transformation course that's starting in January. Find out more about the course here.

Photos by Tirisula Yoga & yours truly

Tirisula Yoga
80B Arab Street
Singapore 199777

Contact: 6299 5181
Instagram: @tirisulayoga

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured."
- B.K.S Lyengar

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