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Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold.

Skincare has always been a huge part of my daily routine 'cause proper care is needed to maintain youthful and healthy skin. I've heard a lot about the benefits of gold in skincare products and have been wanting to try them out, so I was pleasantly surprised when I received 2 premium products under the luxurious 24K Bio-Gold skincare range courtesy of Bio-Essence (Singapore's leading skincare brand!) and Sample Store. Read on to find out more about these amazing products!

Both the 24K Bio-Gold Water and 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream came in really pretty gold and sparkly boxes!

Fun fact. The use of gold is an ancient tradition. The famous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. covers her face in gold masks daily to keep her skin flawless, radiant and smooth.

What is 24K Bio-Gold? It is 24K gold infused with herbal extracts and Bio-Energy Fluid. 24K Bio-Gold promotes rapid absorption into the skin, keeping it nourished and moisturized for lasting soft, smooth and youthful complexion.

Why 24K Gold? It is the softest and most malleable metal, allowing it to be made into flakes.

How does it work? The gold flakes that are being absorbed by the skin releases active gold ions rich in trace minerals which help stimulates cellular growth on the basal layer of the skin in order to regenerate healthy and firm skin cells to give that tightening effect and elasticity of the skin. This aids your skin in defying fine lines and staying wrinkle free. We all know that gold never rusts. It is this property that makes it a powerful anti-oxidant that fights free radicals (one of the main cause of ageing) to prevent collagen depletion and premature ageing. Gold also prevents age spots and pigmentation due to sun damage by slowing down melanin production. Bottom line, our skin cells are sensitive to the electric charges of 24K gold which improves blood and oxygen circulation to keep skin detoxified and glowing like GOLD!

How much gold is in the products? A whooping 98%!

Skeptical that the 24K gold flakes really gets absorbed by the skin? I was too, till I tried it our for myself.

The gold flakes disintegrate as you gently massage it into the skin!


The 24K Bio-Gold Water is suitable for all skin types; contains minerals, trace mineral elements and every bit of goodness. The formulation helps achieve 6 aspects of a perfect skin:
  1. Fine pores -- Tightens unsightly enlarged pores for fine and smooth skin.
  2. Firm and Supple -- Improves skin's elasticity to prevent sagging.
  3. Wrinkle free -- Plumps up skin to defy wrinkles and fine lines, taking years off skin to restore youthfulness.
  4. Sebum balance -- Regulates moisture and sebum balance, leaving overall skin evenly moisturized and matte.
  5. Energized -- Activates skin renewal for a youthful and healthy skin.
  6. Luminous radiant -- Restores a naturally glowing complexion.
Directions of use. Cleanser --> Toner --> 24K Bio-Gold Water --> Moisturizer. The 24K Bio-Gold Water is used twice a day -- every morning and night. After cleansing, poor sufficient amount onto the palm and apply evenly on the face and neck. Don't forget to pat gently until it is fully absorbed.

The 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream consists of 2 creams in a bottle -- day cream and night cream. Both creams have high anti-oxidant power to protect the skin from harmful free radicals and defy ageing. They are also infused with Bio-Energy Fluid so that the Nano Bio-Platinum and 24K Bio-Gold can be absorbed faster and deeper into the skin to provide it with energy and nourishment to revitalize the skin cells.

The right half is the Nano Bio-Platinum Day Cream containing SPF25 PA +++ to prevent skin damages caused by the UV rays. Nano bits are used 'cause they provide better penetration into the skin. This day cream is a hydrating and moisturizing formula that protects and maintains skin radiance in the day.

The left half is the 24K Bio-Gold Night Cream. It shares the same efficacies as the 24K Bio-Gold Water, leaving you healthy glowing skin at night.

Directions of use. Apply them on the face and neck then gently massage in circular motions until the cream is fully absorbed. Both creams are to be applied after using the 24K Bio-Gold Water 'cause they work as a complementary duo.

I have very sensitive skin (the reason why I'm hesitant to try out new skincare products); combination skin type making the T-zone my problematic areas. The 2 products worl really well for me after having used them for awhile now. My skin feels a lot smoother and plumped. I also love the fact that they deal with my combination skin type by regulating moisture in areas where my skin is dehydrated and control sebum balance to keep the oily areas matte. Best part, no allergic reactions!

Can't speak for everyone but I personally hate it when skincare products leave behind a sticky feeling after application. The 24K Bio-Gold Water has a moisturizing essence-like texture yet feels as light as water. The 24K Bio-Goal Platinum Dual Cream has a creamy texture yet doesn't feel greasy on the skin. Both products glide easily and feel light on the skin.

Another benefit of the 24K Bio-Gold skincare products is that they double up as a face and neck cream. Most people often neglect the neck area when it comes to skincare when neck care is just as important as facial care 'cause the neck is prone to wrinkles, revealing signs of ageing. With my previous skincare routine, my face and neck creams came in 2 separate bottle. However, with the 24K Bio-Gold skincare range products, I only need one bottle to cover my face and neck. Good for those lazy nights!

There's a misconception that skincare are for the older women 'cause we don't see the problems with our skin yet. But I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure! The 24K Bio-Gold skincare range products are targeted at people in the early 20s to mid 30s to fight premature ageing. Having good skincare habits while you're still young will contribute to younger looking skin in our not so young years down the road.

So go get your set of 24K Bio-Gold products now from your nearest pharmacy/departmental stores now! The 24K Bio-Gold Water and 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream retailing at $45 (150g) and $42 (40g) respectively are value for money and wouldn't cause a huge hole in the pocket!

Photos by Ing
Editing by Gian

"In polite society, a well-maintained skincare routine is one of life's great successes."
- Violet Grey

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