Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Top: Runway Bandits

Jeans: Topshop

Jacket: Amber Avenue

Shoes: ASOS

Sahdes: Ray-Ban

Watch: Solvil et Titus

Bracelet: Pandora

Did a photoshoot last weekend featuring my current favourite pair of ripped jeans from Topshop. Decided to do something more androgynous (I'm secretly a tomboy) and really love how the photos turned out! I wanted to take my new pair of heels out to play and I thought it helped lean the whole outfit towards the edgy and sophisticated look. Sneakers could do the job too if you're looking for comfort. 

Jeans were once considered sloppy and inappropriate for many occasions, let alone ripped ones. But fashion never stops surprising us 'cause it seems like whether you're going for skinny, straight or slouchy, those draughty jeans are back in trend. The irony is that it actually takes a lot to make something so reckless look effortlessly pulled together.

If you seek comfort when it comes to dressing up yet want to stay fashionable, ripped jeans are definitely your best friend. Opt for subtle shreds if you want something that will probably transit you through many more seasons, then play up the rebellious attitude with smoky eyes, basic tops with statement accessories and heels. Get creative!

Photos by Gian & Nelson

"Jeans represent democracy in fashion"
- Giorgio Armani

With love,
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