Thursday, April 24, 2014

Club Med @ Cherating.

Been getting fairer and fairer ever since I stopped getting scorched under the merciless sun playing hockey 6 days a week. Since then I'm always getting teased and called Snow White which really makes me miss my sun kissed skin tone a hell lot more! Been yearning to go suntanning (better still if I could go on a beach vacation) and hopefully get half as tan as I used to be.

Thankfully my prayers were answered 'cause last weekend, my parents decided that we should head to Club Med in Cherating for a mini getaway for their birthdays!

Day 1:

The bus ride there was painfully long! I'd suggest bringing along some form of entertainment and snacks, especially if you've got kids with you. My beloved little rascal was awake the whole journey and disturbing everyone else. Even I started getting fidgety after awhile and kept asking "Are we there yet?!"

Nevertheless, we were greeted by lush greenery and the sound of waves crashing against the shore. It was so beautiful and calming! Every where I snapped looked like a postcard.

Our rooms were a little small, but it has all the basic necessities that you'd possibly need on a vacation which I thought was good enough. Plus the smallness of the room was made up for with our beds parked right next to the window, and the view was... ... BREATHTAKING!

I could really get used to waking up to this sight every morning and falling asleep watching the sunset.

All we wanted to do on the first day was just chill, so we ended up pampering ourselves to some awesome spa. I opted for a therapeutic deep facial cleansing session 'cause I hate massage.

My sister and I were lead to this tiny hut for our facial. And who knew that we could indulge in a relaxing facial with a fine view of the beach?! Well, the facial wasn't cheap to begin with anyway. It cost RM375, but it was the best facial I ever had! My face was glowing after the session and I felt like it was worth a million dollar.

One of the great things about Club Med is the fact that you pay to get in and you won't have to pay for anything else such as food and activities (excluding spa or souvenirs). They've got a number of restaurants and bars where you can jolly well eat and drink to your hearts' content! On top of that, I love that they're never stingy in their variety when it comes to desserts!

Day 2:

We got more adventurous the next day and decided to let the not-so-baby-anymore-bubba and the little rascal try out the trapeze. Don't think they ever did anything as crazy as that before.

It was quite a climb up and we thought they might give up halfway. To our surprise, they went through with the whole thing! So proud of them!

Left the kids with their parents and we were whisked away to paradise on a choo choo train they provided at the club. They've got super duper lovely beaches!

Ok, I got cray cray (like I always do) and got my dad to help me snap tons of photos. My dad loves playing around with the camera and that fits perfectly well with a daughter who loves being in front of the camera. LUCKY ME!

In all honesty, the photos don't do any justice to how magnificent the place looked.

We would've loved to bring the kids when we visited the zen pool, but kids were not allowed in the are 'cause it's suppose to be zen.

I've heard all the rave about the infinity pool at MBS when it was first built and no doubt that it has quite a view. However, this infinity pool at Club Med beats MBS hands down. Not sure if you feel the same after seeing these photos. And I think I should stop spamming photos of myself 'cause it's starting to look like I was alone.

The not twins who look like twins. My mum is inseparable with my aunt who raised me up like her own.

Le parents.

Aunt and uncle.

My first friend, my partner in crime.

Stuffed myself with more delicious food for lunch after a day out in the sun. I ate all of those! I know it's shocking that a small sized girl like me has got a monster appetite.

We ate at a posh restaurant for dinner. Still free of charge. Only thing, you've got to make reservations 'cause they only take in a certain number of diners every night.

Day 3:

Spent our last day, or half a day to be exact chilling by the pool and bar. Such is life! The little ones attempted to play pool and it was such a hilarious sight!

Yes, food AGAIN. Last meal I promise! If you're a picky eater, Club Med is definitely the place for you. They've got such a spread at their international buffet. Korean, Chinese, Indian, Western, Malay, Japanese, etc. You name it, they have it!

After all of us got a shade or two darker, we hopped onto the bus back to reality. It was such a fun trip with some of the people I love the most!

Once again, a very happy birthday to the two people (besides my sister) who loves me unconditionally! I'd never be where I am or who I am today without them.

I had one hell of a summer vacation and I can't wait to fly off for my next! How did you guys spent your summer? Drop me a comment/email! I'd love to hear all about it!

"Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it is sent away."
- Sarah Kay

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